Benefits of weight lifting to your body

Weight lifting is not all about building your muscle mass, there are lots of benefits involved.

Below are a good number of things you stand to gain from weight lifting.

  • Strong and healthy bones: It is important to keep your bones active. Just like you exercise your brain mentally, you need to exercise your bones physically. When you are in your thirties, you begin to lose your bone density. When you weight lift, a strong force is created on your bones which aids it to remain strong.
  • Puts off disease: If you want to reduce your chances of coming down with any health problem, weight lifting is a good shot. Common diseases that you would keep at bay are cardiovascular related ones, and diabetes. The stronger you become, the more resistant you are to diseases.
  • Fat loss and improved metabolism: For enhanced body metabolism, weight lifting comes in handy. When you weight lift for an average of 30 minutes daily, your body’s metabolism becomes smoother than ever. Similarly, weight lifting is another way to ensure fat loss, as your body loses fats over time.
  • Insulin regulation and inflammation reduction: For people who have diabetes, weight lifting comes in handy to assist in managing blood sugar levels. In addition, weight lifting helps to combat inflammation which is a strong link to a good number of diseases.
  • Posture improvement: For a better posture, you should not leave out weight lifting from your schedule. Based on study, weight lifting has been seen to help people improve their posture over time, even those with worse case scenarios.
  • Better sleep: Since weight lifting is a physical activity, it definitely aids people to sleep well at night. And this improves the way we think.
  • Strength and endurance: When you train, you become stronger and fit.  This means that you would not get unnecessarily tired from normal activities. And you can go on for hours working without feeling drained.  

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